Residential Design

I have created numerous design schemes for client’s homes, including listed building properties and extensions. My passion for Interior Design is compelling. Nothing drives me more than achieving the triumphant mergence of colours, materials, lighting and furniture to create the ultimate space for our clients.

I can assist on single room refurbishment, full house renovation, listed building restorations, extensions and new builds. All aspects of interiors are possible and I would be thrilled to guide you through your own design journey.


A home is personal, it’s the place where we feel safe, relaxed and content. It is imperative to me that your home reflects your personality, your passions, your taste. But I realise too that so many struggle to decide on what really does make the perfect home for them. Through mood boards, sample boards, sketches and imagery I can help you discover your own interior style.

Employing an Interior Designer can be perceived as a luxury expense but there’s so much value I can provide that you may not have considered. My experience and eye for detail enables me to visualise all possibilities, unveil options that your own imagination may not have perceived. Ultimately opening up your mind to the most optimum solution for your space, meaning you only need to undertake the work once. Saving money in the long run. Avoiding repetitive renovations and alterations in the future.



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